What is OurPact Jr.?

OurPact Jr. is the companion app for devices paired to OurPact parent accounts. With OurPact Jr., kids have the ability to see their daily screen time schedules, pause/play their daily Screen Time Allowance and more.

Using OurPact Jr. for Screen Time Allowance

One of OurPact’s most popular features is what we call the Screen Time Allowance, allowing parents to establish daily screen time limits for kids and teens to budget independently throughout the day.

Allowance is a great way to encourage kids to become conscious participants in their screen time habits, while giving parents the ultimate say.

How to Spend Screen Time Allowance

We’ve made budgeting Screen Time Allowance easy for children of all ages. Simply set a daily allowance in your parent dashboard and have your child follow these steps:

  1. Your child will open OurPact Jr. on their managed device.
  2. On their dashboard, it will show if a schedule or manual block is active, and when that block is set to expire.
  3. Press the play icon, and the device will unlock.
  4. Your child will go into OurPact Jr to pause their time (to save more for later!), or the allowance time will run out and your child’s device will block.

*You will see in your parent dashboard if Allowance is currently in play/pause mode, and how much time is remaining for the day.